Frequently Asked Questions

Laser Related Questions

Our laser machines can or engrave numerous materials such as cork, wood, rubber, leather fabric, acrylic, rowmark and paper. Certain materials can only be cut or only engraved. Granite, Ceramic, Marble, metals, glass and coated metal can all be engraved but not cut. ABS and polystyrene can be cut but not engraved. These are only a few common materials our CO2 laser machines are used to cut.

We recommend our 100W laser for regular cutting up to 8mm, while it can cut up to 20mm Perspex, 16mm birch plywood if needed.

The accuracy of the movement is less than 0.01mm. The finer detail will be dependent on the material used & the settings you’ve programmed in the software.

Yes, the laser machines are very easy to operate. Most people are comfortable with using the machine within a few minutes

The machines need to be kept clean, including cleaning the mirrors and lens. The alignment should be checked weekly. Regular checks should be done to see if the rails are oiled and just general checks to see that everything is in working order.

The glass RECI CO laser tube does have a life span of 8000 working hours. Mirrors and lenses should be checked regularly

The mid-range laser machines have a 2000W rating

No, all our CO2 lasers use single phase power

CNC Related Questions

Our CNC routers can cut ABS, PVC, wood, brass, aluminium, high density foam and acrylic. For certain materials stronger bits might need to be used.

The thickness of the material that can be cut is determined by the length of the router bits. Standard 6mm diameter bits are 30mm. There are specialty bits that are longer.

The amount of detail is determined by the type of drill bit being used. To get finer detail a V-shaped bit could be used.

Yes, they are easy to learn. It takes most people around a day to get comfortable with the machine.

The rails should be oiled regularly.

Router bits do get blunt and need to replaced.

Our EC 2030 models do require 3 phase power for the machine, vacuum pumps as well as the dust extractors.